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A TOUCH OF CLASS- KL Custom Competition Bikinis & Stage Wear

Kristen Lonie specializes in creating high quality bikinis with unique designs for stage, photo shoots or everyday wear.

As an experienced competitor, Kristen  understands the importance of having a bikini that is not only the perfect fit but reflects quality, style & class on stage.

Kristen Lonie stage wearAll competitors go to a lot of effort to get their body into shape so don’t let the cut or style of your bikini let you down.

Using only the finest materials & threads, beautiful Swarovski Crystals, quality European diamante` connectors; you can now have your bikini made just the way you want it.

The bikinis are fully lined & the bottoms are scrunched at the back to show off your curves.

All the custom competition bikinis shown on this site are examples to show you what the colour and fabric looks like. The prices shown are a base price to have a bikini custom made with no connectors or decoration. Prices will vary depending on the optional you choose as you create your own custom bikini.

Kristen Lonie Bikinis are designed and made by Kristen Lonie herself in Australia to ensure the bikinis are finished to the highest standard.


The custom competition bikinis samples shown on this site were made prior to launching this site. I am constantly improving the cut and style of my bikinis so when you do order your bikini you will have it made using my current up to date style for stage.

Pic taken 2 days after winning 2017 Arnold Classic Bikini Masters  & 4th Place Open Bikini under 163cm

Pic Credit: Charlie Suriano Photographer

Strength & conditioning coach: Logan Robson (Team Sacrifice)