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  • The Essentials

    The Essentials range:

    Base colours to mix and match or pair them up and wear as is!



    The Essentials 
  • Floral Collection

    Perfect for those who want to add a touch of femininity and sophistication to their swimwear style.


  • Wild Hearted

    Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of African wildlife, perfect for those who want to embrace their adventurous spirit

    Wild Hearted 
  • Neon Collection


    Turn up the brightness with our Neon Collection! Our bold and vibrant hues will make you shine like a star.

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About Kristen Lonie Swimwear

Kristen Lonie Swimwear is a sustainable, Australian-owned brand that creates handcrafted, luxurious swimwear on the coast of NSW.

Designed by fitness enthusiast Kristen Lonie, our range is both fashionable and comfortable for all-day wear, making it a popular choice for any occasion.

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