About Kristen Lonie Swimwear

Kristen Lonie started her fitness journey back in 2010. She first stepped foot into a gym at the age of 33 where she started weight training for the first time. Three months later  (oct 2010) she was talked into entering her first fitness competition which was the start of many more to follow.

Kristen has successfully  graced the stage of just about every federation within Australia &  Internationally, capturing more high profile titles than any other Australian fitness model within such a short period of time from the very start of her career.

In 2011 Kristen  started making her own competition bikinis then by mid 2012 her hobby turned into a booming business after the launch of the online store.

KL Swimwear has grown rapidly by word of mouth, in 2017 Kristen brought out a line of cheeky beach bikinis that are now in high demand around the world.

KL Swimwear bikinis are NOT mass produced and still PROUDLY HANDMADE in Australia by Kristen & her team.

If you would like to collaborate with KL Swimwear, please email info@kristenlonie.com or use the contact us page & we will get back to you in a short time

Kristen Lonie's Success on Stage

*1st Place - 2017 IFBB Arnold Classic Melbourne
*4th Place- 2017 IFBB Arnold Classic Melbourne
* 1st Place - 2015 IFBB Amateur Olympia Championships
1st Place- 2015 IFBB Nationals
* 1st Place - 2015 IFBB NSW Championships
*1st Place -2015 IFBB QLD state Championships
*1st place - 2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Melbourne
* 3rd place- 2014 IFBB open bikini short
* 1st Place- 2013 Musclemania/Fitness America World Championships- Ms Bikini America Classic
* 1st Place- 2013-Musclemania/Fitness America World Championships- Model America Classic
* 2nd Place- 2013 ANB- Asia Pacific- Fitness Model Championships * 1st Place- 2013 INBA Brisbane Classic- Fitness Model
* 2nd Place- 2012 Fitness America Weekend/Musclemania Universe Championships-Ms Bikini Universe
* 1st Place - 2012 ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships- Fitness Model Classic
* 1st Place-2011 Fitness America Weekend/Musclemania World Championships- Ms Bikini America Classic
* 5th place- 2011 Fitness America Weekend/Musclemania World Championships- Model America
* 1st Place- 2011 INBA Natural Universe Championships
* 2nd Place- 2011 NABBA/WWF- Queensland Championships
* 1st Place- 2011 INBA- QLD Championships- Sports Model Short
* 1St Place- 2011 ANB- Asia Pacific- Fitness Model Championships
* 1St Place- 2011 INBA- Brisbane Classic- Sports Model Tall
* 2nd Place- 2011 NABBA/WWF – Southern Hemisphere Championships- Sports Model Short
* 2nd Place- 2010 IFBB- Australian Bodybuilding Championships – Bikini Open
* 1st Place- 2010 IFBB- VIC Bodybuilding Championships